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1 DEATH - A Namu who’s previous life was that of a human. They retain no memories of their prior life but still know basic functions (walking, talking, etc). Their mental age will be based on what age they were when they died as a human and this will not change no matter how long they live as a Namu (ex: A Namu with a mental age of 40 will always have that mental age even if they live thousands of years)


2 DEATH - A Namu who’s previous life was their 1 Death life. They will gain their memories as a human at this point. 2 Death Namus will look like their previous life with added wounds.


CORE - The center of the planet. There are some Namus that show it respect as if it was a higher power.

FAVOR - The “currency” on Namulia. Favors are essentially a service bartering system and the worth is decided at the beginning of a transaction / any work being done. Favors are only between the parties involved and cannot be traded to outside parties.


FLICK/CLICK - The informal measurement of time on Namulia. Usually meaning a small amount of time. An equivalent term would be saying “In a bit” or “In a moment”.


FUSED NAMU - A Namu that spawned on top of another before the queue system was introduced. Their fusion can be as minimal as a single body part being connected to being entirely connected.


GLITCH DEATH - A Namu who isn’t recognized as already existing by the Respawn System, therefore being able to spawn in more than twice. Their spawning can also be irregular and non-random.


GOLD NAMU - The Namu that created the Respawn System. 


IMMUNITY - A Namus immunity is based on how they died as a human (and, if they are a 2 death, also based on that death as well). You can read more about immunities at the bottom of this page here.

JELLY NAMU - (Or just Jelly for short) Is a Namu that has a “Complete Obliteration” immunity. Their bodies are malleable similar to an amoeba with an outer layer of skin encasing blood, nerves, and certain organs. They have no blood or muscles and are rather filled with their blood and are able to move due to their nerves. They can change their appearance but only based on how much of them there is (Example, if one was to want an extra arm they would need to shrink a bit).

MITER’S LAW - The law decreed that all 2 Death Namus (and any other Namus deviating from the norm) must be reported or killed on sight. It was put into place so long ago that most have forgotten why. You can read more about it here.


NAMULIA - The rogue planet that Namus reside on. Read more about it here.


NAMUS - Short for Namulians, Namus are an extraterrestrial species that are created from a dead human’s memories. Read more about them here.


QUEUE SYSTEM - The set rule of how and when Namus should spawn in. This makes sure that Namus do not spawn in at the same time as each other. Namus who died after the queue system was created can spawn before its creation, but still are bound by its rules and will spawn when no one else is. Namus who spawn before the creation will have a chance of spawning at the same time as another one (Unless they end up living past the creation).


RESPAWNING - The process of a Namu getting created. Read more about it here. 


RESPAWN MACHINE - The machine that creates a Namu, it extends far underground (Also called the Respawn System/RS).



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