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Namulia is a rogue planet void of any organic life. The only lifeforms residing on the planet are the Namulians (Namus).

Since the planet does not reside in any solar system, the inhabitants rely on the neon deposits on the planet for light. They have harnessed this into neon lights that are throughout the planet. This gives the planet a purplish hue to it.

Despite looking like water from a distance, the liquid on the planet is no such thing. It is a liquid compound that contains Iodine and other elements.

It is often very cold on the planet. However, in the central part of the single continent on it, they found a way to heat it to a somewhat comfortable level.


On the planet they have what is called the "Respawn System" (Or RS for short). This is the machine that allows them to respawn onto the planet.

The machine itself is a large pedestal with three geometric-looking arms off to the side. It has a hatch in the middle where Namus come out.

The machine goes down miles beneath the surface, collecting materials to create a Namu.

These materials are often recycled from other Namulians.

There are thousands of wires connecting it to the core of the planet.

It is said that at the beginning of time, a golden Namu created the machine.

There are multiple RS machines all around the planet. In the central part of the planet, they are enclosed in a large facility that is made to make the process of naming and disposing of Namus easier.

The RS, at one point, lacked any sort of queue, causing Namus to spawn at the same time and have a "fused" appearance. This was solved after a massive catastrophe.



Central Namulia is the most populated part of the planet. This is almost entirely due to the fact that there is at least 5 Respawn Machines in this part of the the planet to both the northern and southern portions.


Though it does contain the largest overall size for the city, it still faces a massive problem: overpopulation.


There have been a few attempts by officials and city planners to both resolve and remove this issue.


For the longest time, the only attempt to solve the overpopulation issue was to create more housing.


Central Namulia is home to the largest housing buildings.

These buildings are stacked from face to face in rows of approximately hundreds of buildings.

Not only do they go up for miles and miles, they also extend far into the ground, some even being somewhat close to the core. Though, these specific apartments are usually reserved for Namulian Scientists.

The hundred or so middle rows of housings are reserved for those who have just spawned in as they may be unable to fly to the other ones.

After living in the housing for a while after spawning in, Namus are typically moved to a higher or lower floor.




The other attempt to solve the overpopulation issue is a far more direct and aggressive one. Murder, specifically of Namus who were on their second death.

After a long time of watching over Central Namulia, Miter, the ruler, decided that something needed to be done more directly about the issue.

He called for any Namus that were even suspected of being 2 Deaths to be killed on the spot or reported.

He gave out a few ways to 'spot' a 2 Death.

1: If a Namu knows more than they should

2: If a Namu seems to be having more issues in certain areas than others.

The reason given for the latter is that they may be stuck on remembering things from their past life.

Though he couldn't simply get the people to just report each other, rather, he had to fill the population's minds with doubt about the people they knew. That they may be dangerous, or that they were holding them back.


northern namulia.png

As opposed to Central Namulia, Northern Namulia actually has a somewhat small population comparatively. The Respawn Machines of the region are few and far between, most being relatively unmanned with just a few Namus there to help the ones who are new.

Northern Namulia follows its own set of laws, completely independent to the other two regions. This causes many 2 Deaths to flee there in search of refuge.

Due to the lack of population there, however, they are able to survive a bit more off the land for materials for the Respawn Machine.

The Namus there believe more in generally living your life, and even if you are a 2 Death, simply just living who as who you are now.

Whenever a 2 Death dies in the North, instead of the rough treatment that Central Namulia gives the bodies, they instead return the body's resources back to the planet, allowing the Respawn Machine to absorb it naturally.

Due to the cold nature of the region, Namus who spawn in here are created from snow and ice along with the usual materials. This gives them less of a tolerance to heat.



Due to the North having a lesser population, their housing is far more spread out and often contains more living space per Namu.

Each building can contain up to a few hundred floors with 6 - 20 rooms each. Each floor contains its own common area.

These buildings only have 1 - 3 floors above ground, most being underneath the snow and ground.

The tops of the building's contain antennae for the scientists researching the planet and other celestial bodies.


Where Northern Namulia lacks in strict laws, they make up for in military size.

Their military is more relaxed than most, only banding when needed.

Their military buildings are located on the outer edge of the region. While the buildings themselves are not dissimilar to the average Northern housing, they are filled to the brim with those who are willing to support their region.

In their off time, however, these Namus simply live like any other and are treated like any other.

northern armor.png


southern namulia.png

Its quiet.

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