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Namulians (Namus for short) are the intelligent species that reside on the planet Namulia. Namus are created whenever a human dies. However, at the current point in the story, their death does not align up with when they "respawn" on the planet.


Namus can respawn a total of two times (counting when they died as a human).

Namus are based off of a humans memories, therefore, if a human has not created any memories (a newborn) they will not create a Namu.

Another case is when a human stops making memories but continues living. This will create a Namu before the human dies.

Whenever a human dies, the memory of their life gets reincarnated as a Namu. These Namus are commonly called "One Deaths". They retain no memory of their human life.

Upon dying a second time, they respawn with their human memories. This can occasionally cause panic as they have all the memories flood back to them. These Namus are commonly called "Two Deaths".

Upon dying a third time, they do not respawn.

Their appearance when spawning in is set the moment that they die.

When a human is born a timer starts, which morphs the features of what they would look like. These features change day by day, minute by minute.

If a person were to die one day they would look one way, but if they were to instead die a few days later, their Namulian appearance would be different.




Namus are a bipedal species that, while having a differing internal biology, function somewhat similarly to humans..

Despite their fluffy, even sometimes furry appearances, Namus are actually feathered creatures. They range in heights that are both below and above our human average.

Their grey "shirts" are actually a part of their body and have a soft leather-like texture.

They have wings that are hidden under their shirts that can reveal themselves through a small slit in the back. These wings can be any sort of wing you imagine, bird, bug, bat, etc.


They have short snouts and, though they do not need to eat, they do have sharp teeth.

Their eyes can either have clear or black pupils, usually in a circular shape like our own.

They have three toes and fingers (Excluding thumb) with them being slightly thicker than the average human extremity.

Sometimes, Namus can have one, or multiple growths at the back of their head called "Napes". They are purely cosmetic.

Most Namus have tails that can range from very short to very long. In the tail contains a skeletal structure similar to the human ribcage that houses their lungs (which mostly go unused.)

They need to breathe very little to survive, only needing a very small amount of elements they breathe. Due to this, Namus are able to survive the vacuum of space with little to no protection.

There is a type of Namu called a "Jelly". These are Namus with no true form. Their bodies consist of nerves and organs floating in malleable blood with a thin layer on the outside that they can morph.

If one of their body parts are injured and removed, they can regain the mass that was lost by resting in excess blood.

The following are examples of Namulian Anatomy

bones illustration.png
organs illustration.png
wings illustration.png


Most Namus spawn with some sort of wings. Whether those be bird, bat, insect, or a different kind.

These wings extend from the back and reside under the shirt when not in use.

Different kinds of wings can give different results when flying.



When a Namu respawns, they are given an immunity to whatever specifically killed them.

these immunities are not something like "Immune to knives" or similar things, rather, are immune to the thing that actually killed them.

The immunities are:

  • Old age (meaningless to Namus)

  • Blood Loss

  • Organ failure

  • Suffocation (meaningless to Namus)

  • Heat/Fire resistance

  • Cold Resistance

  • Complete Bodily Destruction*

  • Starvation (meaningless to Namus)

*Namus with Complete Bodily Destruction are "Jellies"

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