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   We had been relocated to a much safer area than our third story apartment. The people running the place had it set up to where there would be entertainment for the younger people living there and Calvin was definitely been taking advantage of that.
   He was sitting on the floor, playing a game on the small little television they had provided for our room. I laid on the bottom bunk of our bed, watching him play, he wasn’t exactly the best but, hey, watching something was better than watching nothing.
   Eventually my eyes began to slowly close and open.
   I had fallen asleep.
   I’m not sure how much time had gone by, but I awoke to the door open, and the television off.
   Calvin nowhere in sight.
   Oh no.
   I ran out the door, knocking on the other peoples doors a well, trying to see if he just went to a friends room or something. Each person I asked said they didn’t know where he was. I went to the front desk, they said they hadn’t seen him. Thank god, that meant he was still in the building.
   Climbing up the stairs to each floor, calling out for him, I make it to the roof where I see him, looking out over the buildings.
   In the distance, I see something almost incomprehensible.

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