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Hey.   . Are you still alive in here? I mean. Most others give up by this point. hahah.

Surprisingly. Though, I do not know for how much longer. Ever since they sent us down here we've been losing people by the hour.

Yeah, before we could at least stay a bit focused, however now? This is getting a bit hard. I'm doing my best to stay awake during this.

With the horrors everyone's seen now its hard to keep your eyes open. Everyone else has just started... "moving with the flow", as some say.

Yeah. I stopped hearing from       a few days ago. It, really sucked losing them. I think they were like.. I don't know, maybe security at that concert or something? Back in North Central?

Ugh. Don't tell me they were working with grn.

Nah I don't think so. I'm pretty sure everyone was tricked when they signed up for that. As far as everyone knew it was just a regular Purple Inferno Concert.

I'm still a little less than trusting of anyone who was involved in security there. But its not like anyone in here can do anything now. Sometimes I wonder if that freak is still even alive in here or if gre lost greenself in here as well.

Who knows at this po- acK shit. fuck. another goddamn building.

Oogh. I felt that one from over here. Got you right in the eye didn't it.

Directly bullseye in the eye. We're moving pretty fast now though. I wonder why. Most of the humans have hidden by now.

... Oh.

A child? What are they doing out here?


Please... Child go inside.

Please. Before it is too late.

I am sorry child

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